My Favorite Things

27 Dec

Ever since Oprah retired from her television show, I don’t have anyone to tell me what to buy this year.  Instead, Blister and I decided to create our own “favorite things” and “book club” selections.  These favorite things are not all food related, but still deserve to be mentioned on this food blog.  Our list for 2011.

Conair Infiniti Series You Curl Ceramic Curling Iron

I have been waiting for a good ceramic curling iron ever since I purchased the ceramic Chi straightener.  This curling iron lacks a clamp to hold down the hair, so it doesn’t imprint a marked line on your hair.  It comes with a three-fingered black Lady Gaga-esque glove to hold the hair and twirl it around the extremely hot barrel.  The curls can vary from tight Taylor Swift-lets to loose beachy waves.  I prefer the latter.  If you go to Nordstrom Rack, it’s cheaper than the average retail price.

Sheex Performance Sheet Set

My favorite hobby is eating.  My second is sleeping, and my bed is my temple.  Smothered in soft Pottery  Barn sheets (thanks, Mexicunnie!), allergen-free pillows and comforter, I needed the perfect sheet set to complete my sleeping experience.  Sheex is the best purchase I made in 2011. They are more expensive than your typical sheet set because they’re made from workout material to keep you cool and dry.  I love to run my legs all over the flat sheet and experience the slippery feel.  They are available at Bed Bath & Beyond, but don’t forget your 20% coupon.   I just used a coupon from 2008 and they still accepted it.


They look like Bruce Lee’s martial arts shoes and are not as ugly as Uggs.  They’re super comfortable and light.  I throw them into my purse and don’t even realize they’re in there.  I bought a pair for Blister and Bubby, and Blister intends to use them for traveling and going to pilates class.  They really are the perfect security check shoes: easy off and easy on.  I wore my pair to work and even though a few people asked if I was really wearing Toms to work, I confirmed they were “professional” Toms since they’re all black.  But the most important thing, Toms gives the same pair of Toms to a child in need of shoes.  How great is that!

MAC Pro Longwear Lipglass

I have a love/hate relationship with the original MAC Lipglass.  It’s too sticky and thick, but gives excellent shine.  I do hate it when my hair gets trapped and caught in the gloss because now my hair is sticky, too.   But the new Pro Longwear Lipglass is like the new and improved lipglass.  It’s still a thick lip gloss but it’s not as sticky.  It also lasts forever which is an added bonus especially because Blister tells me to put on some lip chap like ten times a day.  I have it in “Show Me!” and always receive compliments for its color.  It’s a staple.

Nambé Utensils

A coworker introduced me to this company called Nambé.  They make all kinds of great flatware, dinnerware, and general home goods.  After Bubby and I got married, we decided to discard our IKEA bubble blue utensils and purchased the 43-piece Maia flatware.  The upgrade is fantastic.  I never thought that having nice utensils would have such an impact on my eating experience, but it does.  The girth is perfectly sized so it’s not as thick as a shovel but not too thin either.  The weight is not too heavy or too light.  It’s the baby bear of utensils that Goldilocks dreamed about scooping her heaps of stolen porridge.

Magnolia’s Bakery Banana Pudding

When I’m having a bad day, Bubby buys me tea roses and Magnolia’s banana pudding.  I love this pudding.  It is whipped, light, not too sweet, and totally worth being fat for.  Generally, I would agree with Kate Moss since nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, but her hungry ass has clearly never had Magnolia’s banana pudding because she would be 200 pounds if she had.  This pudding instantly makes me happy and the Nilla wafers bring back childhood memories.  I found the recipe online, let’s hope it doesn’t work out because I will gain 50 pounds.  Trust.  I can’t wait to use my Nambé spoon to devour my pudding.


How could I forget the Clarisonic?  This tiny little machine cleans every single pore with its vibrating motion.  I washed my face without the Clarisonic and thought I had removed all of my makeup.  I followed up with the Clarisonic and noticed makeup on the brush that did not come off the first time.  This powerful machine works so well that after the first two weeks of using it, I broke out because it was expelling all of the dirt from my pores.  It’s a wonderful little tool, and every girl or guy who wears make up needs to invest in one of these bad boys.  I use the Professional with Bubby (separate heads, of course), and Blister and El Ninja have the Mia.

Feel free to add your favorite things in the comments section.


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