Thanksgiving 2011

8 Dec

The day to give thanks comes once a year.  Bubby and Blister’s favorite holiday.  Of course it’s their favorite.  Recently, I had an epiphany that Bubby is the male version of Blister.  They are alike in so many ways that it hit me like a ton of bricks, and when I told Bubby how similar he is to Blister, he said, “I’ve been telling you that.”  Apparently Bubby and Blister already knew how alike they are but I was clearly in denial.  But it makes sense.  The Twinsies are super logical people, have an undying love for Almond Joy and strong interest in Greek mythology, share a keen eye for scams and gimmicks, drag me to watch action movies that seem horrible but actually are entertaining, and declare Thanksgiving to be their favorite holiday because it’s all about eating.  Weird.

This Thanksgiving, I decided to use the Williams-Sonoma turkey brine and Whole Foods spice rub because I pre-ordered an organic, free-range $60 turkey.  It would have been an $80 dollar bird but Bubby’s family was in Hong Kong.  $60 for a bird seems outrageous.  That bird better be the juiciest bird, do a little dance, and pop out a cornish game hen from its loins for $60.  It didn’t dance or give birth to a hen, but it was juicy, especially the white meat.  I’m not a fan of white meat, but it was actually tasty.  To ensure the moistness of the bird, I used Alton Brown’s brining and roasting techniques.  Although the meat was moist, Bubby said he can taste the star anise from the brine — a taste we cannot appreciate.  Next year, I may use a different brine and different rub but will definitely buy that expensive ass bird.  Even though the flavor was not exponentially better than a hormone-filled turkey, it made me eat white meat which is priceless.


Turks’s brine – looks gross

Turks with a tan and creamed corn as his backup dancer.

El Ninja’s “I only eat fish” option.

Cornbread stuffing with Italian sausage and hard-boiled eggs.  Unfortunately, it was a little dry this year because my brand new oven was just too strong.

Macaroni and cheese with like 5 different types of cheese.  This may be my last year making macaroni and cheese.

Green beans with garlic and pancetta.  Make note of the bowl of jalapenos because we are Korean.

Blister’s garlic mashed potatoes.  Blister is responsible for making the mashed potatoes every year.  There was so much mashed potatoes left over that I made Bubby some “potatee balls” which is Sheppard’s pie inside a ball of mashed potatoes baked and rolled in panko crumbs.

The spread.

Before diving into our meal, each family member had to say two things they are grateful for this  year.  I said I was grateful for my husband and having my family all live in LA.  Bubby said he was grateful for his wife and everyone’s good health.  And then after that, the entire family copied our answers.  Thankful for health, the new addition to our family, and living close to each other.  El Ninja gave the meal 4 slow claps but acknowledged that if he had the turkey it would have been 5.

While in my turkey stupor, Blister pre-purchased tickets to see The Immortals.  It’s a family tradition to watch a movie on Thanksgiving — a family tradition I despise.  Last year she made me see Harry Potter.  I don’t mind watching a movie but after a hard day of cooking, I really just want to eat another plate of turkey and pass out.  She physically dressed me in yoga pants, uggs, beanie, and an ugly sweater, I was forced to go.  The movie was actually good, and Henry Cavill was as sweet as a slice of pumpkin pie.  Yum-my.


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