Glen Ivy Hot Springs

3 Jan

Happy New Year.  2011 will be a great year.  This year I will turn 30.  This year I will have a husband.  This year I will bear a new name.  This year I will be with child.  This year will be great.  I feel blessed.

For the first day of this amazing year, my family and I went to Glen Ivy Hot Springs.  I heard great things about this place, especially Club Mud — the red clay mud bath.  You stew in mud water and spread red clay all over your body.  Drrrrty.

I love hot springs.  I love hot tubs.  I love sittin’ in hot bubbled water.  Loves it.  A few years ago, I invited all my friends and Blister to go to Wilbur Hot Springs in the bay area.  I thought it would be a fun experience … not a naked one.  Basically, it was one big pool with 3 small mineral baths which smelled like rotten eggs.  Not only were you offended by the smell of rotten eggs but we were offended by the sight of old naked people walking around.  This one old man had a horrible infection on his dong and Blister, the doctor, diagnosed him right then and there.  That’s how naked he was.  At one point, my friends were playing in the pool and a naked woman bent down spread eagle like the Nelly “Shake Ya Tail Feather” video and scolded them for being too loud.  It was so bizarre.  Many people were forever scarred from that experience.

I had to make up for the failed Wilbur social experiment and suggested we go to Glen Ivy.  Glen Ivy is nothing like Wilbur.  First of all, bathing suits are required.  Luckily, the geriatric infections were hidden underneath lycra.  Second, there were way more options at Glen Ivy.  There were mineral baths, saline pools, regular pools, outdoor hot tubs, and even the red clay mud bath.  The red clay mud bath was my favorite.  I looked like I should be on the cover of National Geographic, but my skin felt like butta’.  So fresh and so clean clean.  My parents loved it.  They kept saying how they’ve never been to a hot springs like this before.  Old people love hot tubs.  Even Blister loved it.

Blister:  We should do this every new year’s day.  It’s like we’re washing ourselves anew.  Do you get it?
Me: Uh, yeah.  I get it.  It’s not that deep, Sylvia.

The food was better than we expected.  My parents ordered the Glen Ivy Sandwich and chili.  No picture because it was a plain old sandwich.  I ordered the pulled pork sandwich with the side of homemade coleslaw.

I layered the side coleslaw onto the sandwich.  It was so perfect.  The soft warm bread, crunchy slaw, and sweet bbq sauced shreds of pulled pork made the perfect sandwich.  Too bad my dad stole half of it.  Damn, that man can eat!

Blister ordered the Greek gyro with tzatziki sauce.

The lamb/beef wasn’t too lamb-y like some gyros I’ve had.  It was a great blend.  The thick feta cheese crumbles were smooth and melted with the tzatziki sauce into the creamiest blend.  But the best part of this gyro was the pita.  It was warm and soft but had a chewy bite that lasted for the entire gyro.  I claimed dibs on Blister’s final 3 bites.  It was that good.

Bubby ordered the chili in a sourdough bowl.

His response: Eh.

I give 3 out of 5 slow claps for the Glen Ivy culinary experience.

After Glen Ivy, we stopped by the farmer’s market called Tom’s Farms.  Now this place looked like a place where they would lynch Koreans and a Chinese.  But Bubby spotted an Indian family having a good time and said, “We’re good.”  This place was not a farmer’s market.  It was a weird Twilight Zone episode with people mining gold, drinking cases of beer, and playing bootleg versions of Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven.”  We walked around and ended up at the candy store, naturally.  I bought the most delicious strawberry licorice.

They tasted better than the Trader Joe’s strawberry licorice.  I ate the entire box.  So good.

After an exhausting day relaxing in hot tubs, my mom refused to make dinner.  Her words: “My kitchen is closed … bitches.”  She didn’t say “bitches,” but her eyes did.  We made her feel guilty so she boiled some pork butt in miso and garlic.

This is the ultimate combination:  miso and garlic pork, with fresh homemade kimchee, and salt and pepper in sesame seed oil.  The fatty flavorful pork is soft after boiling in miso for hours.  The kimchee is crunchy, spicy, and tangy.  The sesame seed oil is rich and coats the pork with the salt and pepper.  All together, it’s heaven.  Fancy restaurants like Animal try to imitate this pork belly/kimchee combination, but this is the original.

The perfect bite.

An up close and personal view of delicious pork fat.

My mom is a good mom.

Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa
25000 Glen Ivy Road
Corona, CA  92883


4 Responses to “Glen Ivy Hot Springs”

  1. Jennifer January 4, 2011 at 12:03 pm #

    Greetings from Glen Ivy! I really enjoyed reading about your experience and am so happy you and your family enjoyed your day at the hot springs. We hope to welcome you back soon and again next New Year’s Day – it is a great way to set the mood for the rest of the year!

    To your health and happiness,
    Your friends at Glen Ivy

  2. Michael at Wilbur January 21, 2011 at 1:31 pm #

    We had a chuckle reading this… and you are right. We’re not for everyone. We’re thrilled you found Glen Ivy because it’s beautiful, and so much fun.

    Yes, there is the human form here, which comes in all shapes and sizes. Typically it isn’t that challenging, though. =) Also, our sulfur springs are known as some of the most healing in the world, which does come along with a strong smell. We apologize, but thought we should say thank you for the mention… it’s okay you weren’t thrilled, but it’s a pleasure to read about all varied experiences people have. We learn a lot, so thank you very much!

    Michael at Wilbur Hot Springs

  3. pelota January 25, 2011 at 4:20 pm #

    Better than Trader Joe’s… really? I must meet this Tom’s Farms licorice.


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    […] Philippines for new year’s eve, we couldn’t go to our annual new year’s trip to Glen Ivy. So this year, Bubby and I went to San Francisco, the city where we fell in love. Our first date […]

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